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Have you done “The Triple T”?

For the past several years, we have tried to help you fulfill your travel bucket list by sending you our survey of what we thought were special travel opportunities throughout the world. I think you now understand that Go Travel searches diligently for opportunities which provide savings and special advantages for you.

Now, we would like to suggest some potential additions to your bucket list which we believe would be exciting and, at the same time, be executed in maximum style and comfort:

Tasmania – Transylvania – Tanzania

Your friends will be amazed when you return from “The Triple T” because most will not really know where in the world you’ve been! Let’s look at the first leg of “The Triple T.”


Tasmania, referred to by locals as "Tassie," is located just south of the southern tip of Australia and is named for Abel Tasman, the mid-seventeenth century Dutch explorer. The capital city is Hobart, which I wrongly assumed was named for the same person as Hobart College in Utica, New York. Not true! Each was named for a different Hobart. Mount Wellington rises 1,271 meters at the edge of the city and presents a fun experience by cycling down. It’s usually quite cold at the top of the mountain, but the local operators will provide you with plenty of anti-weather clothing.

You certainly would be interested in learning more about the Tasmanian Devil. This species of carnivorous marsupial is almost extinct and is now found only in Tasmania. There are some efforts at present to prevent its extinction.

While visiting Tasmania, you might also want to visit the southeastern area of Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast. Climbing Sydney Harbor Bridge is not as difficult as it looks.

At the same time, New Zealand lies just across the Big Ditch (The Tasman Sea). New Zealand is a very interesting country which has recently become economically somewhat isolated from the rest of the world. As late as 1850, the Tasman Sea and its other surrounding waters were filled with bustling commercial shipping activity. Sheep's wool was in high demand and was a major export. Whaling was at its peak, and the demand for whale oil by the world's lamps was high. Today, the dramatic decline in the world wool market and the fact that “the old lamplighter of long, long ago” has been replaced with electricity leaves New Zealand without a major export. Further, New Zealand’s geography (far south) takes it out of today’s major sea lanes. Thus, the Tasman Sea which was once a huge playground for whaling and the export of wool, is now almost devoid of ship traffic. Just imagine this vast southward expanse of cold seawater without a ship in sight for days. On a trip across the Tasman Sea, we received a message from a French sailor whose rudder had broken, and he was drifting in the Tasman Sea sort of like the “ancient mariner”. We went a half day’s journey out of the way to rescue him as we were the nearest ship capable of rescue. Eventually, this small speck of a sailboat appeared bouncing in rather turbulent water in this vast stretch of seemingly endless sea.

After completing the rescue, we continued our journey to New Zealand where there are so many exciting activities and sightseeing opportunities. I particularly suggest that, if so inclined, you do a river rafting trip in one of New Zealand’s mountain rivers like the Rangitaiki River. In Christchurch, the departure point for South Pole expeditions, you can experience an entire South Pole simulation while the mountains on the south island provide breathtaking views and opportunities for hang-gliding.

As you know, our experienced and caring staff will work with you to fulfill this first leg of “The Triple T” both in style and comfort and customize the trip to include those activities which you like.

Next week, we will look at the second leg of “The Triple T” vacation. Until then, Bon Voyage!

- Go Travel

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