The Beautiful Islands of St. Kitts and Nevis

St. Kitts and NevisThe two-island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis has much to offer to travelers. As well as the laid-back culture and beautiful sandy beaches that characterize the Caribbean, there are also hiking and climbing opportunities in the mountainous regions.
St. Kitts, once a major hub of the slave trade, has a lot of fascinating history. Ruined plantations can still be seen all around the island. The National Museum in Basseterre gives an overview of the history and struggle for independence of St. Kitts.

Mount Liamuiga, a dormant volcano on St. Kitts, is a good location for hiking and climbing. There are many trails and lookout points offering spectacular views of the island. The woods of the south-eastern peninsula of St. Kitts are a great place to get up close with local wildlife. The monkeys here are used to being fed by visitors and can be attracted by offerings of fruit. The island is also populated by tropical birds, some of which are unique to this area. The underwater landscape is also worth exploring; you can snorkel and dive at the National Marine Park at Sandy Point to see beautiful coral reefs, turtles and tropical fish. For more experienced divers, the Wreck of River Taw is an interesting dive.

Rising out of the center of Nevis is a volcano known as Nevis Peak. Guided nature walks take tourists up to the peak through lush green forests. The charming main town, Charleston, is steeped in history, which you can learn about at the Museum of Nevis History. Fort Charles, which was the focus of struggles between the British and the French for ownership of St. Kitts and Nevis, now lies in ruins to the south of Charleston.

It is easy to move between the two islands using the frequent ferry service. Visitors with an interest in history or nature will enjoy exploring this tropical two-island nation.

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