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Ocean Cruise Lines Offer the Chance of a Lifetime

Ocean Cruise Line vacations have become a popular vacation plan for couples, families, and groups. These ocean cruise ships can accommodate hundreds or thousands of people, and literally travel all around the world. An ocean cruise ship is like a little town on water, and it offers the passengers all the comforts of home, plenty of fun-filled activities, mouth-watering food, and all the amenities you could want. One of the best features of an ocean cruise line vacation is that everything is included in one very affordable price, such as comfortable accommodations, three meals per day, competent and friendly staff, hundreds of onboard activities, and plenty of memories to last a lifetime.

Types of Ocean Cruise Ships

As ocean cruise ships have become a more popular mode of vacation travel, more companies have emerged offering different ocean cruises. Some of the most popular ocean cruise lines that have been in business for several years include Carnival Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruise Line, Cunard Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, Oceania Cruise Line, Princess Cruise Line, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. There have even been newcomers enter the arena such as the luxury line Azamara Club Cruises.These cruise lines are either based in the United States or England and they offer hundreds of cruises every year to locations across the globe.

Classes of Ocean Cruise Lines

There are several different classes of cruise ships available for passengers to choose from, including Mass Market Cruises, Luxury Cruises, and Small Ship Cruising.

1. Mass Market Cruises

Mass Market Cruises are often the largest of ocean cruising vessels, and accommodate anywhere from 850 to 6,000 passengers. These are the most common types of cruise ships and include all the major amenities that passengers would expect on a cruise ship.

2. Luxury Cruises

Luxury cruises provide passengers with 5 star accommodations, elegant decor, savory dining options, and attentive services. Passengers can expect to be pampered throughout their trip, and enjoy personalized services.

3. Small Ship Cruising

Small Ship Cruising uses smaller ships, and generally holds under 300 people. The ship’s smaller size does not hinder its ability to still offer hundreds of activities for passengers. The smaller size does, however, provide a cozy setting where each passenger is treated to expert services.

Ocean Cruise Vacations around the World

Ocean cruise ships travel to dozens of locations around the world. Many passengers enjoy going to tropical locations in the Caribbean, such as the Bahamas, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands. Several American destinations include Hawaii, New England and Alaska. There are also many ocean cruising trips that travel to other locations like Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, and the Mediterranean. For the adventurous type, there are cruise lines that travel around the world docking in various countries. Ocean cruises can last anywhere from just a few days to months depending on where you wish to go.

Ocean Cruise Stateroom Accommodations

Staterooms onboard ocean cruise lines provide passengers with all the necessities of home. All rooms typically have a large king or queen-size bed with comfortable bedding, separate bathroom, closet space, TV, and telephone. The most important part of the stateroom for many guests is the view from their window. Some staterooms offer views from the window or a balcony on the interior of the ship, while others offer a clear, unobstructed view of the ocean, with the best rooms on the ship having a balcony with views of the ocean.

Luxury Ocean Cruise Onboard Amenities

Although all ocean cruise line ships are different, all of them will have enough onboard amenities to pamper you throughout the entire cruise. Most cruise ships have at least one swimming pool, and a hot tub to provide passengers a place to cool off and relax. Many ships will also have multiple dining rooms and restaurants, several onboard boutiques, spa facilities, full-service beauty salon, casinos, several nightclubs, fitness centers, movie theater, and library. While out to sea, Internet availability may be limited, but most ships have an Internet cafe that passengers can use to connect with friends and family.

Ocean Cruise

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Hundreds of Activities Onboard an Ocean Cruise

There are hundreds of daily activities onboard any ocean cruise ship allowing passengers to pick and choose the ones that are right for them. Specific activities will vary from ship to ship but include well-planned options like pool parties, games, dancing lessons, language classes, arts and crafts, or book clubs. In the evening, ocean cruise ships come alive and offer various entertainment venues including stage productions, live music, comedic acts, movies, and casino games. Many ocean cruise ships have online programs for kids of all ages, so that parents may enjoy some alone time. There are also numerous lounges, bars, and nightclubs giving adults a retreat and a place to dance, drink or socialize with other passengers.

Offshore Excursions while on an Ocean Cruise Vacation

One of the most exciting parts of an ocean cruising trip is visiting the different port cities. Passengers have an opportunity to sign up for different activities that are held in the port cities, which might include shopping, sightseeing, or snorkeling. Each cruise ships offers several offshore options for the passengers to choose from, but the ship’s staff can also help set up any other activities the passengers want to do. This makes it easy for passengers to explore each city and see some remarkable sites and enjoy some amazing shopping.

Dining Options suited for Everyone onboard an Ocean Cruise

Most ocean cruises include three-meals per day, and some also include water, soda, coffee, tea, and snacks. Passengers are able to choose their dining options between casual dining, specialty dining, and eating in the main dining room. Each ship provides passengers a listing of the different dining options and information regarding whether reservations are needed for a particular onboard restaurant. One of the popular dining options onboard is to eat at the Captain’s Table, which guests must make advance reservations for, and often includes an extra service charge. Room service is also available, allowing passengers to eat in their room any time of the day or night.

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