Isram World is a package tour provider for a number of destinations, from Israel, Egypt, Eastern and Central Europe, to China and Indochina, Spain, Portugal and Morocco, as well as Latin America.

Founded in 1967, Isram World started as a small, one-destination tour agency. Since then they have expanded their operation to become one of America’s largest tour agencies.

Isram World offers escorted vacations to some of the world’s oldest civilizations, and prides itself on the depth of knowledge that its tour guides possess. They boast a comprehensive selection of tours to suit every traveler, interest and budget. Tours can be as short as the one-day independent tours, three-day excursions, or a full 18 days covering a number of countries. Isram offers a variety of special interest tours, from family orientated (Family and Bar/Bat Mitzvah), religious (Holy Pilgrimage) and tours designed exclusively for women. Isram World also provides the option for customized tours.

Tour packages are great for people who don’t want to stress about the finer details of their vacation. Some people, such as family groups, prefer to have all the arrangements taken care of. This cuts down on the time planning, researching and worrying about all of the moving parts of a successful vacation. Tour goers also benefit by vacationing with a reputable company – this means better buying power for more luxurious hotels, and preferential treatment at must-see sites. Less time is spent waiting in queues, especially at sites that attract a high number of tourists.

Another good reason for booking a tour with an established company is that they develop excellent relations with their tour guides. Tour guides are an integral part of the package holiday, providing local knowledge and historical information on the places and sites visited. In many ways, they can make or break a successful tour, as tours often include a number of interested and well-read travelers who ask questions about the sites and attractions. In reviews of escorted tours, the knowledge, character and deportment of travel guides are commented on just as much as the hotels and the food. Isram World, for instance, offers a special tour for students of Jewish history, with a Jewish scholar as a tour guide.

Traveling with a group is one of the other benefits of a package tour. All types of people from around the world travel with Isram, which makes for a pleasant atmosphere in the group activities.

This type of vacation is not for everyone, however, as tourists like to experience foreign countries and cultures differently. For some, the perfect holiday may be to immerse themselves in a country by engaging with the locals, or by backpacking around an area using their own wits. People who prefer that style of travel might find the organized package tour somewhat restrictive. Other common criticisms found on the web are the time constraints – some feel that they didn’t have enough time to linger at certain attractions or sites, while others felt that too much time was spent at any one place. This seems common among all tour group operators, as groups are comprised of individuals with different ideas of appropriate free time. On the whole, however, the reviews on Isram World’s tour packages are for the majority positive ones.

For the casual traveler looking to see the world, guided tours are a great idea. They’re designed to cut out much of a tourist’s travel stress to let them focus on the sights, the cultures, and the history. Trips between hotels, sites and attractions are quick and comfortable, and the guides and bus drivers are friendly and knowledgeable. While some may prefer a less structured form of vacation, it’s really up to personal preference about what a tourist wants out of their experience. And for many of us, tour packages are an excellent way of traveling without the worry.

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