Globus is a worldwide, packaged tour travel company that operates in 6 continents and boasts over 250 vacation packages. With over 80 years of travel experience, Globus is well established in the escorted travel industry.

Globus started in 1928 when a young man bought a rowboat to transport visitors across Lake Lugano in Switzerland. Since then it has grown into a globally recognized brand, offering a variety of travel opportunities by land, sea and air.

Whether it’s backpacking around Asia, snowboarding in New Zealand, or wandering around a gallery in Paris, each of us has a different idea of how to see the world. Some like to immerse themselves in foreign cultures, while others like to see historic sites, landmarks, museums and galleries.

Globus offer a variety of tour packages for all tastes, budgets and vacationers. The packages are designed to showcase the best of a country or region, offering the pick of restaurants, historical sites, and local secrets. And if a traveler wants to see someone not on a tour schedule, they can allow for that too – Globus has the option of flexibility, in that destinations, sites and modes of travel are customizable. They also offer packages for families or religious groups to see that sites that interest them.

Packaged tours are a type of vacation where the hard work is already done. The tour planners are essentially curators, taking advantage of history, research and local knowledge to provide the best experience for travelers to a particular city, region or country. The tour planners also take care of transport, restaurant and hotel arrangements. Globus works hard to ensure that their guides and other staff and friendly, fun and informative – and it shows: online reviews of Globus consistently rate their tour guides and coaches highly, offering that the tour guides are ‘knowledgeable’ and the buses are ‘large and comfortable.’

Tour-goers travel with guides familiar with the sights and culture, and are with a group of sightseers from all over the world – a tour atmosphere that many reviewers have mentioned as positive. On the vacation, Globus also take care of travel protection, access to must-see attractions and portage. As they are a well-established operating group, they receive preferential treatment at museums, galleries and other attractions – an incredibly handy bonus, as many of these attractions in Europe can have long waits.

Globus package tours are best suited to the traveler who wishes to be more of a spectator – ideally suited to older couples, families, and people who wish to see the standout attractions and sights of a country. It’s easy to see the appeal in this mode of travel. All of the stressful booking arrangements are taken care of for the traveler, such as hotels, flights and museum passes, not to mention assistance with overcoming any cultural or language barriers one might encounter.

Globus tours are tailor-made for the traveler who finds the idea of planning their own vacation off-putting. It’s a great way of spending one’s annual leave – choose a travel option, make a few preparations, and let someone else take care of the rest. Vacationers love seeing the showpieces of Europe, America or Asia without fretting about attraction lines, hotels or getting around. It’s a great way of jet-setting without the worry.

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