Holland America Cruise Lines

Holland America Line has been an acknowledged leader in cruising for over 138 years. Its fleet of 15 mid-size ships take guests to many exotic destinations around the world. The fleet completes cruises to all seven continents for a total of over 500 sailings a year.

The Ships of Holland America Cruise Lines

Holland America Cruise Lines has 15 mid-size ships designed to maximize our passengers’ cruising experience. Although many of our ships offer similar amenities, dining and activities, each of our ships has unique features. Below you will find a list of our fleet ships and a unique aspect of each ship.

  • Ms Amsterdam is home to the Planeto Astrolabium, a signature sculpture suspended from the ceiling in the ship’s atrium.
  • Ms Eurodam features dozens of cabanas that can be rented daily by cruisers to enjoy privacy near the pools.
  • Ms Maasdam is a ship that was built for comfort; its design allows the ship to maximize comfort by limiting the number of passengers it can carry.
  • Ms Nieuw Amsterdam features a private Cabana Club on the highest deck that allows cruisers a secluded place to relax, drink delicious refreshments and enjoy all the luxurious amenities the ship has to offer.
  • Ms Noordam is the newest Vista-class ship, which includes all the latest technology available on a cruise ship.
  • Ms Oosterdam was christened by Her Dutch Royal Highness, Princess Margriet of the Netherlands, in 2003.
  • Ms Prinsendam is the most intimate ship in the line of ships, which is designed to travel to the most remote parts of the world.
  • Ms Rotterdam just under went a huge renovation in December 2009, which gave it all the latest Signature of Excellence enhancements.
  • Ms Ryndam has a unique Dutch worldwide exploration theme.
  • Ms Statendam exhibits a theme of historical Dutch life and exploration and includes a large array of ancient artifacts on display.
  • Ms Veendam carries about 1350 passengers and was dedicated in January 1996 by actress Debbie Reynolds.
  • Ms Volendam is decorated in a garden theme, which includes huge flowers all over the ship including the artwork, tapestries and carpets.
  • Ms Westerdam is a state-of-the-art ship that uses diesel-electric power for optimal energy efficiency. The majority of rooms on this ship have ocean views and private balconies.
  • Ms Zaandam is a mid-size ship, which has a musical theme that is sure to impress all guests.
  • Ms Zuiderdam features a Waterford Crystal Seahorse suspended from the ceiling in its three-story atrium. The ship also features hip artwork including a painting by Andy Warhol.

Amenities onboard Holland America Cruise Lines

Aboard each of our mid-size fleet of ships cruise goers will find a plethora of amenities. Some of our most popular amenities include the dozens of artworks that adorn all the halls and dining areas of each ship. The state rooms in each of these ships are clean, well-decorated and constantly redecorated. Each ship has a wide choice of dining areas, entertainment venues and onshore activities.

Dining onboard Holland America Cruise Lines

All of the ships in the Holland America Line cater to the needs and desires of ship goers’ appetites. Each ship features menus to cater to any wish in a range of settings. There are casual poolside restaurants and fine dining restaurants on each ship. Our culinary staff serves Holland America Line signature dishes, which only include the freshest produce, seafood and meat available.

Another unique feature of Holland America Line dining is our As You Wish® dining program, which is available on all of our cruise ships. This dining plan allows vacationers to choose the type of meal they would like to have at the venue of their choice. Whether you want to dine in the main dining room, or dine privately in your room, this dining plan will work for you. There are also cocktail hours and a delicious ice cream bar available for any food cravings you may experience.

If you have any particular dietary needs, including Kosher meals, vegetarian or any other type of diet restrictions, we can accommodate these needs as long as arrangements have been made in advance. If you would like to discuss arranging special meals for your vacation, please contact the Ship Services Department at 800-541-1576 at least 90 days before your trip.

Activities onboard Holland America Cruise Lines

Holland America Cruise lines offers a wide variety of activities to cruisers. Some of the most popular activities include:

  • Culinary Arts Center is an interactive kitchen experience that allows participants to indulge in different types of food and drink from around the world.
  • Digital Workshop powered by Windows┬« is a free enrichment program on each of our ships that teaches participants how to take better pictures with their cameras and how to post those pictures online, or create memorable scrapbooks with them.
  • Greenhouse Spa and Salon is a spa that specializes in beauty and wellness. Examples of services guest can receive at the spa include facials, massages, hair treatments and pedicures.
  • Art and Photo Galleries are located on each of the cruise line’s ships. While guests are free to take in the artwork on their own, it is also possible to receive a guided tour with expert insight from one of Holland’s well trained tour guides.
  • There is a great deal of shopping opportunities available on each ship in the cruise line.
  • If you desire to get married on one of our Holland America Cruise ships, talk to one of our staff about our Wedding On Board program.
  • When the cruise ship docks in port, there are several opportunities for shore-side shopping.
  • Youth Programs are provided by us because we are a family-friendly cruise line. Some of the activities designed for children include programs for children aged 3 to 17. Parents can roam about the boat freely when their children are participating in these programs because our employees are trained to be both safe and responsible.
  • Depending on which cruise you take, there are several off-shore excursions that may be available to you.

Why you should choose Holland America Cruise Lines

People choose Holland America Cruise Lines because of its long history of safe and reliable cruising. The mid-size ships are also able to travel to some remote areas that larger cruise ships don’t travel to. For cruising in comfort and style there is no better choice than Holland America Cruise Lines. As the experts in cruising, Go Travel can help you plan an unforgettable vacation onboard Holland America Cruise Lines!

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