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What to Expect on a River Cruising Vacation

River Cruising has recently become a popular option for those wanting to experience numerous cities on one trip, without the hassle of packing up and driving each day. River cruises can last anywhere from a one day trip to a month-long trip, and travel down rivers throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. River cruise ships are smaller than the ocean cruisers, and typically hold only one to three hundred passengers. This allows for personalized services and customized activities and itineraries. The cruise ship vacation includes comfortable accommodations, three-meals per day, exciting onboard activities, and many offshore excursions.

River Cruising Options

G0 Travel represents several well-known  European river cruise companies, including AMA Waterways, Avalon River Cruises, Viking River Cruises, and Uniworld River Cruises. These ships will travel across rivers throughout Europe, such as the Danube River, Rhine River, Seine River and Main River. The cruisers stop at some of the most popular and historic cities in Europe including Frankfurt, Vienna, Paris, Normandy, Prague, and Amsterdam. The European river cruises also travel down the Yangtze and Mekong Rivers in Asia, docking in cities in China, Tibet, Vietnam and Cambodia. Several cruise ships also travel down the Nile River in Egypt stopping to allow passengers to tour the Sphinx and Pyramids of the Pharaohs.

American cruise lines travel along the Mississippi River and through various waterways, such as the Hudson Bay and the Chesapeake Bay. Two of the most well-known River cruise lines in America are the American Steamboat Company and the American Cruise Lines. They offer dozens of trips that travel up and down the great Mississippi River stopping at cities like New Orleans, Memphis, St. Louis, and Nashville. There are other river cruises that go along the major rivers in Florida, New England and Northwestern America.

Accommodations Onboard a River Cruise Ship

Accommodations onboard the River Cruise Ships provide all passengers with comfortable sleeping quarters. Staterooms generally include a large bed, bathroom, television and most importantly a great view of the river and landscapes. Many river cruise ships also include a swimming pool, hot tub, several restaurants, casino games, spa treatments, full-service beauty salon, putting green, and nightclubs. The ships offer personalized services, and the attentive staff is always available to help guest make onboard and offshore arrangements and reservations.

Onboard Activities Abound while on a River Cruise

One of the best river cruise onboard activities is simply sightseeing because depending on where the ship travels passengers may see luscious vineyards, beautiful medieval castles, quaint little villages, magnificent cities, and picturesque landscapes. The ship’s staff also plans dozens of onboard activities every day ranging from games for the whole family to pool parties, along with cultural lectures or arts and crafts. There is also plenty for passengers to do on their own including relaxing by the pool, playing casino games, dancing through the night, watching a movie or enjoying any of the live performances offered.

Planned Excursions while on a River Cruise

River Cruise ships schedule many stops at some of the most popular cities along the route, sometimes at a rate of one or two a day. For each port city there are several off shore excursions offered by the river cruise line that are included in your package plan. These excursions may include tours of the city given by expert guides, stops at museums and other cultural events, shopping, or possibly scuba diving. Passengers are also able to explore the cities on their own, or have the ship’s staff make arrangements for them to dine at a restaurant in the city, go to the theater, schedule a spa appointment, have a personalized tour or any other type of activity they wish to experience. Some cruises include an overnight hotel stay in some of the port cities, allowing guests to truly embrace all the city has to offer. Some cruise lines provide bicycles for their passengers, which is often the best way to tour some of these great cities.

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Personalized Services onboard a River Cruise

One of the greatest features of a River Cruise line vacation is that passengers can plan many of the features of the trip themselves. A personalized customer service member of the cruise line works with passengers to help plan and prepare for their trip. The staff is very knowledgeable about the locations the ship travels to, and can offer expert advice on what activities may be best for each passenger. They will make any necessary arrangements or reservations and make any changes to the plans that are needed while onboard the ship. This helps to ensure that each guest has the perfect vacation from beginning to end.

Various Dining Options onboard a River Cruise

Most river cruise ships offer three meals per day onboard the ship, and include several dining options for guests to choose from, such as casual dining, formal dining and buffet-style dining. Some cruises offer several meals offshore at various locations allowing their guests to savor some of the local cuisine. The ship will post the dining options every day allowing guests to choose which options are best for them. Some dining options do require reservation, which the ship’s staff can make for any passenger. Almost all ships offer coffee, tea, soda, and water throughout the day for the guests, and alcoholic beverages at dinner.

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