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Within minutes of boarding a Princess Cruise Line ship, guests feel like true royalty. From the uniquely relaxing experiences to the endless rewarding amenities, Princess Cruise Lines works hard to ensure that every passenger receives luxurious personal treatment without paying an outrageous price. With a proud history of over 40 years of sailing, the hospitality professionals understand the importance of providing guests with impressive service. The company first skyrocketed to fame when a Princess Cruise appeared on “The Love Boat” in 1977, and since then every passenger is part of a long tradition of relaxation, indulgence and attentive customer service.

Service aboard Princess Cruise Line

Whether guests are sailing aboard Princess Cruise Line for a honeymoon, a family vacation or just a break from everyday life, the crew is ready to make the cruise both comfortable and unforgettable. The welcoming, thorough service is one of the hallmarks of Princess Cruise Lines, and every crew and staff member, from the waiters to the captain, faithfully follow a long-standing customer service program. At Princess Cruise Line, “C.R.U.I.S.E.” stands for “Courtesy, Respect, Unfailing in Service Excellence.”

Princess Cruise Line Itineraries

Seeing the world is easy, thanks to variety of itineraries Princess Cruise Line offers. Recommend Magazine has chosen Princess Cruise Line as the winner of “Best Cruise Line Itineraries” for seven years in a row. There are over 100 itineraries heading to over 300 ports. Passengers can choose their dream locations, including Alaska, Australia, the Panama Canal, the Caribbean islands and many other popular and exotic spots. In addition, the most ambitious travelers have a chance to take a World Cruise, which visits up to 40 ports on as many as six continents.

No matter the destination, guests enjoy generous accommodations. Passengers feel right at home in staterooms that are well outfitted and comfortable, complete with flat screen TVs and little extras like chocolates on the pillow each night. For the best value, staterooms are available to meet different budgets and group sizes, and on days when guests just want to relax, the in-room menu option allows for greater flexibility and a chance for a bit of a splurge.

Activities aboard Princess Cruise Line

There’s never a boring moment aboard a Princess Cruise Line sailing. From book clubs to art auctions, and boutiques to casinos, there’s something to suit everybody’s tastes. Fans of the nightlife can enjoy extravagant live shows every evening or attend classy dance venues, while guests who want to relax can take advantage of The Sanctuary, a blissfully relaxing spa environment. Passengers can stay healthy and active with fitness classes, offered by friendly professionals, or by taking a dip in the swimming pools and hot tubs. After working up a hearty appetite, hungry guests can head to the main dining rooms or the many casual or specialty restaurants featured on-board. From buffets to fine dining, the meals are fresh and professionally prepared, and knowledgeable waiters are always ready to give diners the inside scoop about the best dishes of the day.

Princess Cruise Line aims to make each cruise a warm, welcoming experience. Planning vacations can be a hassle, but the guests aboard Princess Cruise Line can relax and enjoy the ride, leaving all the details in the hands of professional experts. The purpose of a cruise is not merely to get somewhere. Rather, the goal is to embrace each moment of the voyage. Whether guests are enjoying an on-shore excursion in a beautiful location such as Hawaii or Thailand, or sipping cocktails and champagne on the balcony of a comfortable stateroom, the Princess Cruise on-board experience is just as unforgettable as any of the destinations.


Princess Cruise Line Fleet

Princess Cruise Line Grand Class

  • Grand Princess
  • Golden Princess
  • Star Princess
  • Diamond Princess
  • Sapphire Princess
  • Caribbean Princess
  • Crown Princess
  • Emerald Princess
  • Ruby Princess
Princess Cruise Line Sun Class

  • Sun Princess
  • Dawn Princess
  • Sea Princess
  • Coral Princess
  • Island Princess
Princess Cruise Line Explorer Class

  • Ocean Princess
  • Pacific Princess


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