MSC Cruise Line

The MSC cruise line is a cruise line that centers around European travelers. More and more, the cruise line is working to gain American tourists as well. This cruise line began in 2004 and the line continues to add more and more fleets for its cruise goers. With thirteen different ship models, the line is truly expanding. In 2008 MSC introduced Fantasia, which was the largest European cruise ship of its time. MSC continues to works towards keeping their cruise customers coming back for more.

The MSC cruise ships are mostly classic in design. You won’t see a lot of unnecessary frills, but what you will see is a beautiful design centering around marble, glass, and brass elements. These ships cater to families because they offer kids sail free deals that allow for free children’s tickets with two paying adults. This makes it easier for families to be able to afford a cruise.

Amenities onboard MSC Cruise Line

Amenities on the MSC cruise lines are pretty much the usual fare. There is the family water park which allows you to swim the day away. The cruise line also has bowling, on-board shopping, 4D movies, Wii playing, musical shows, sports bars, and more. There are spas and exercise accommodations as well. The ships stay at ports of call more than out to sea so this allows for plenty of time for sight-seeing. With European and Mediterranean ports of call, cruise goers will enjoy spending time in these beautiful locations.

Dining onboard MSC Cruise Line

The food on the MSC Cruise Line offer buffet-style dining and room service. The a la carte restaurants offer signature dishes in a Mediterranean flavor. The dining offers seven course meals along with the standard mix of American foods. There are also bars and smaller and less formal restaurants that appeal to those who are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere. There is also an expansive room service menu that allows you to stay in the comfort of your room and enjoy great dining fare.

Activities onboard MSC Cruise Line

Besides great food choices, the MSC cruise line comes alive at night with many different types of shows that appeal to all ages. There are musical cabaret performances and magical acts. Cruise goers can enjoy variety shows and dances. There is truly just about any type of entertainment you would want on a cruise ship.

Most people who choose the cruise line enjoy the spacious rooms and amenities. Some do complain that the food prices are on the higher side, but these prices tend to lower if you are traveling in the Caribbean. If you are American, you may find that the language barriers prevent you from speaking very much with other cruise goers, but the staff all speak fluent English. Overall, reviews are very high for the cruise line and as more and more people learn about the line, it is gaining in popularity. If you are comfortable in the international travel arena and love to experience the Mediterranean and the European cultures, then the MSC cruise line may just be your next cruise destination.

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