Disney Cruise Line

The Disney Cruise Line is a family orientated fleet of boats owned by the Walt Disney Company. The four luxurious ships are the first in the industry to be built with families in mind. They feature large staterooms with split bathrooms, three separate pools, one each for kids, families, and adults, and a range of age specific venues and activities. Destinations include Europe, the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, the Bahamas, Alaska and the Pacific Coast, Canada, the Mexican Riviera, Hawaii, and transatlantic stops.

The Ships of Disney Cruise Line

The Disney Magic was the first Disney Cruise ship to set sail in 1998. It features space for 2,400 passengers, 11 decks, and modern classic Art Deco decor that invokes a sense of grandeur and opulence. The Magic makes voyages to a range of exciting destinations across the world.

The Disney Wonder followed close behind the Magic, setting sail in 1999. It also has a 2,400 passenger capacity, 11 decks, and family-friendly staterooms. The Wonder sails to destinations throughout the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean.

The Disney Dream is a relatively new ship, as it made its first voyage in 2011. This ship is much larger than the first two, with room for 4,000 passengers and a whopping 14 decks. This ship travels exclusively to the Bahamas.

The Disney Fantasy is the newest of the fleet, and one of the grandest. Like the Dream, it features space for 4,000 passengers and 14 decks. The design is sheer elegance with Art Nouveau decor, marble floors, and a plethora of fine paintings, statues, and elegant woodwork. The Fantasy voyages to Eastern and Western Caribbean destinations.

Amenities  Aboard Disney Cruise Line

Each Disney Cruise Line ship offers all-inclusive packages for comfort and convenience. Included in the packages are meals, soft drinks, coffee, tea, and water, 24-hour room service and guest service, and live entertainment. Guests can also enjoy the fitness clubs, spas, cinemas, and nightclubs.

Dining Aboard Disney Cruise Line

Onboard dining ranges from casual self-service to elegant and romantic dinners. The main dining scheme features three restaurants that guests can rotate to with personal servers who follow the guests to each venue. There is also casual self-service and made to order dishes for relaxed family dinners, an adult’s only dining service for intimate and sophisticated meals, and 24-hour quick service stations. Cuisine ranges from American comfort food classics to exquisite Italian cuisine and everything in between.

Activities Aboard Disney Cruise Line

Each Disney Cruise Line ship offers special clubs and activities for all ages. Small children can join in exciting kids clubs with games and visits from popular Disney characters. Tweens and teenagers can play video games, watch movies and listen to music in the designated teen rooms. There are even adult only nightclubs and lounges for parents and older guests. In addition, guests of all ages can join in the exciting water sports, fascinating shore excursions, and deck parties that feature fireworks and music. Disney also owns a private island in the Bahamas called Castaway Cay, which makes for a great day out for the whole family.

Why People Choose Disney Cruise Line

The reviews from passengers who have experienced a  cruise aboard Disney Cruise  Line are very positive. Many people loved the fact that the kids were entertained and happy, while the parents were still able to find time to sit back and relax. The wide range of activities were a strong point for many people, as was the excellent service onboard. This is a highly recommended cruise line for people of all ages.

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