Costa Cruise Line

The Costa Cruise line is the largest European cruise line. It includes a fleet of fourteen different cruise ships, ranging from the grand to the smaller and more intimate. This cruise line is Italian classic and offers some of the best amenities in European cruise ships. Costa Cruise Line offers many different choices from couple’s cruises to family vacations. There is a type of cruise for just about any expectation you may have.

Costa Cruise Line Amenities

The amenities on the Costa Cruise line are just what you would expect from a large cruise ship. There are exercise rooms and spa treatments. You can gamble in the casino or enjoy a nighttime show. There are cooking classes and shopping along with a host of all forms of entertainment. The Costa Cruise Line caters to families with many events set up just for children and teens. Parents can take advantage of the babysitting options and enjoy time alone while their children are well cared for and entertained.

Costa Cruise Line Dining

Dining on the Costa Cruise line is mainly a la carte dining. With over twelve exclusive dining clubs, the fine dining options on this ship are very ample. You can also choose from all-inclusive drink packages to a la carte room service. The fine dining options allow for elegance and many choices. Children are not left out in the dining area. There are pizza parties and a full children’s menu for even the pickiest eaters.

Activities aboard Costa Cruise Line

One of the great services that Costa Cruise Line offers is onboard wedding packages. With choices for island weddings and ship weddings, this makes a great choice for that special couple. The ship also offers wedding and honeymoon packages that allow for special touches for the newlyweds. This includes photos, special foods, and memories. You will even be given your own wedding planner to help you make the best wedding event possible.

One of the most popular features of the Costa Cruise line is that they offer freedom in their cruises. There is not a set schedule and day or night, there is fun to be had. The cruise ship truly has something for just about every taste.

This cruise line travels to the traditional areas such as the Caribbean and Bermuda, but also offers Mediterranean, Red Sea, and the Indian ocean cruises. With ports of call throughout different continents, it makes it easier to visit the different cruise destinations. Costa also offers excursion packages which allow you to tour the different ports of call and sight-see.

Reviews for this cruise line are very positive. Passengers enjoy the many amenities that the cruise line offers. Most families said the experience was great for both them and their children. Passengers seem to love the great dining choices and the many different entertainment options.


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