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With a dazzling fleet of cruise liners and a wide range of destinations to choose from, Celebrity Cruises offer a unique experience for cruise veterans and newcomers alike. Celebrity offer cruises that cover almost every destination imaginable. In addition to offering Caribbean, European, and New England classics, they also provide transatlantic and transpacific options. Each cruise liner has on board facilities that are designed to meet all of your needs. The 11 Celebrity ships are often ranked top worldwide, and provide fine dining, activities, and shore excursions that will create memories that will last a lifetime. One of the most unique aspects of the Celebrity Cruise Liners is the wide range of activities available on board all ships. For those who love a good meal, and a great drink to go with it, there are on board classes and experiences for you to enjoy. Star chef led cooking classes are available, as well as wine tasting and mixology experiences with five star sommeliers and bar tenders. If you are looking to broaden your horizons while on board, there are classes available. Dancing lessons, Rosetta Stone language courses, and iPad led art gallery experiences are available to those who choose to board a Celebrity Cruise Liner. Finally, no matter what it is that you like to do to relax, there are facilities available to help you do just that. On board are spa and alternative treatments, including acupuncture. Fitness fanatics can make the most of the state of the art gym facilities, and those who want to broaden their culinary horizons can choose between fine and casual dining. Whether broadening your horizons in general is your goal, or whether you simply desire to explore a part of the world you have always had your heart set on, Celebrity CruiseLiners will be able to provide you with an itinerary that is suited to your needs. On the colder side of the world are their Alaska cruises; you can set your imagination free as you explore the natural and rugged beauty of Alaska, which is home to wild bears and killer whales. If lazy sunshine is your thing, you can visit corners of the Caribbean that will set your heart alight. The crystal clear waters of Antigua are perfect for relaxing in, as well as engaging in nature-filled snorkeling trips. If you are seeking something that is a little further from home, Celebrity Cruise Liners can help you there too; the romantic shores of Frances are available, as well as the surfer’s paradise of Australia. While aboard, you will be able to choose from a wide range of accommodation. Celebrity Cruise Liners pride themselves on making each ship a home away from home. To do this, luxurious furnishings and ample space are provided with each stateroom. Whether you want to stay in the ocean-facing Ocean view state room, or expand on the space available to you by booking a suite, you will be able to find accommodation to suit your party. Finally, Celebrity Cruise Lines are now bringing a dynamic new theme to their Millennium Class fleet by ‘Solstitizing’ them. Celebrity Cruise Lines have became inspired to enhance the experience of cruise passengers by adding elements of their Solstice Class to each of their Millennium Class ships. The $140 million initiative aims to add touches of Celebrity’s ‘Solstice Class’ to each Millennium Class ship, thus bringing modern luxury to each one. In addition to increasing the number of spa inspired state rooms, Celebrity will enhance each deck. By doing this, Celebrity are set to make their luxurious cruise lines even more spectacular.

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