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 Azamara Club Cruises stand at the pinnacle of modern cruise lines with destinations that span the four corners of the earth, cultural immersions with longer land stays than most other ships, and unmatched onboard facilities and services that provide you with all comforts and luxuries imaginable.

About Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara Club Cruises is a subsidiary cruise liner of Florida-based company Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., the second largest cruise operator in the world. Initially, it was intended to be an offshoot of their Celebrity Cruises trademark, but Azamara Club Cruises  soon developed a name for itself due to the unique nature of its destinations, the distinct cultural immersion activities offered, and the relatively small size of its two ships Journey and Quest. Azamara Club Cruises’ name also exudes individuality; it takes its origin from the Romance languages with “az” meaning “blue,” and “mar” meaning “sea,” and then merging the two with the name “Acamar,” the southernmost bright star.

Azamara Club Cruises Onboard Amenities

There is no shortage of comfort onboard the ships of  Azamara Club Cruises. Both Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest proudly provide the following services and amenities:

  • – An authentic English butler at your beck and call for guests staying at the suite rooms, attendants for those at the staterooms, and concierge service all over the ship.
  • – Round-the-clock housekeeping services as well as bar and dining facilities manned by staff who go the extra mile for your complete satisfaction.
  • – Free bottled water, soda, coffee, and tea at all times.
  • – Self-service laundry facility free of charge.
  • – Complimentary shuttle service at port destinations.
  • – Spa center for skin treatments, body massages, baths, and facials all done by skilled therapists.
  • – State-of-the-art gym boasting modern equipment and professional trainers.
  • – Oriental acupuncture service to relive stress and re-establish energy and balance.
  • – Provisions for those requiring special care such as elderly, blind, deaf, mute, or disabled guests. Service dogs for the visually impaired are allowed on the ship.
  • – Modern medical facility with highly trained doctors to handle dialysis treatment, oxygen therapy, emergency birth, and all forms of unexpected illness or disease.
  • – Wireless Internet, cellphone, telephone, fax, and mail services are available all throughout the ship.

Azamara QuestAzamara Club Cruises Dining Experience

Azamara  Club Cruises offers a gustatory experience unlike any other as you savor dishes and introduce your palate to different tastes from nations far and wide. The liner has two unique flagship restaurants, Aqualina and Prime C, which have their own theme with regards to cooking and serving. Aqualina is a seafood specialty place that serves dishes from all over the Mediterranean, whereas Prime C is a traditional steakhouse. There are also various other cafes and bars which serve fast food, snacks, and homemade cooking. Azamara Club Cruises  also provides complementary red and white wine for lunch and dinner.

Azamara Club Cruises Onboard Activities

There’s something for everyone onboard Azamara Club Cruises. Whether you want to hit the gym and exercise, participate in yoga classes, experience the sensation of oriental acupuncture, or just laze around in a cafe reading your favorite book, there is no lack of things to do, and boredom has no place within the ship. Guests can readily enjoy the day with their family by the poolside, or mingle with other tourists at the bar at night. Among others, you can also:

  • – Shop ’til you drop at high-end boutiques and malls.
  • – Pore over vast tomes at the ship’s library.
  • – Participate in parlor games and trivia contests with other guests.
  • – Attend a series of lectures that cover world history, photography, the arts, and many more.
  • – Try your luck at the casino.
  • – Experience a variety of shows at the clubs, lounges, and bars.
  • – Start a bidding war at the ship’s auction of valuable items.

Azamara JourneyDestinations of Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara Club Cruises docks at some of the most majestic places on Earth. Experience the sights and sounds of Asia, Northern and Western Europe, the Mediterranean and Black Sea, and South America. Azamara’s tour guides are well-versed with the history of the cities you’ll visit, and a detailed itinerary that lets you soak in as much culture as you can is already planned out. Of course, more adventurous types can go exploring by themselves, as overnight and extended stays are a trademark of Azamara. Some of the places you’ll be visiting are:


  • – Beijing, China
  • – Dubai, UAE
  • – Mumbai, India
  • – Singapore
  • – Copenhagen, Denmark
  • – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • – Dublin, Ireland
  • – Edinburgh, Scotland
  • – Barcelona, Spain
  • – Rome, Italy
  • – Suez, Egypt
  • – Athens, Greece
  • – Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Why Choose Azamara Club Cruises

The two ships Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest might seem diminutive compared to larger cruise liners, but this “flaw” is actually Azamara’s edge over the competition. The small ships can maneuver quite adeptly and reach places inaccessible to larger vessels. Furthermore, their lightweight size makes occupants feel more at home as they will soon be able to recognize the ships’ interior without getting lost. Both are large enough to fit about 690 passengers each, making sure that you have enough time to get to know your fellow travellers without feeling crowded.

There are a million and one reasons to choose Azamara Club Cruises over the competition. It is definitely the pinnacle of a luxury cruise. Combine the luxury of Azamara Club Cruises with the service and value of Go Travel and you will have an unbeatable experience!

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