Barbados: A Caribbean Delight

Government House, Bridgetown BarbadosBarbados is one of the Lesser Antilles and a former colony of Great Britain. It is renowned as a tourist destination because of the island’s green, vibrant terrain, its beaches and reputation for being a relatively politically stable and crime free destination. Barbados is also considered to have a high standard of living when compared to most other West Indian islands. On a map, Barbados appears pear-shaped, with the narrower end pointing towards the north.

Culture of Barbados

As with many West Indian islands that were formerly European colonies, the Barbadian economy was formerly based primarily on sugarcane. Sugarcane was the main crop grown in the Lesser and Greater Antilles while they were still under the dominion of Europe, but has since become unprofitable for island nations. For the most part, these countries are now transitioning to tourism-based economies. Like most former British colonies in the West Indies, Barbadians have a love of cricket, with several West Indies cricket legends coming from the small island.

Like most countries, Barbados and its citizens have their own set of national nicknames. Nicknames for the island include “bim” and “bimshire” and Barbadians are typically referred to as “Bajans” both on their own island and by other West Indians. The population of Barbados, like that of most other West Indian islands is ethnically mixed. There are more than 284,000 Barbadians with the majority being of African descent and the remnant being mostly British and Asian.

Sightseeing in Barbados

Barbados BeachThe island is relatively small, measuring 21 miles in length and is 14 miles wide at its widest point. It is possible to see most of the notable sights during a day tour. Chartered day tours are offered by many of the island’s taxi drivers; even the public transportation taxis used by locals will often take scenic routes and thus may be of interest to a traveler. Other options for travel include helicopter tours that offer a 20-minute thirty-mile tour from above, and traveling through the countryside on horseback. Aside from the island’s many beaches, locations that may be of interest to the traveler include the cliffs on the eastern coast and the highest point in Barbados: Mount Hillaby.

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